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  • Added in August 27, 2017
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Skippy – 0398

This is my story:

Skippy is a super sweet older gentleman (but not too old!) that ended up in rescue through no fault of his own.  His people had to move out of the country and couldn’t take him along, but he was very well loved and cared for by them.  Skippy gets along with the other dogs and cats in his foster home.  He is pretty spritely for being 12 years old.  He is well mannered and polite.  Skippy has one small drawback – he has IBS.  He is mostly housebroken.  Any accidents he has in the house are due to the IBS. He is on a special diet and will need to remain on it for the rest of his life.  Won’t you give this sweet guy his well deserved retirement home?  Please submit your online adoption application for Skippy today! Click on his Adopt Me button below and submit an application for him!!


Stats & Info

Gender Male
Breed Yorkshire Terrier
Good with Cats? YES
Good with Dogs? YES
Good with Children? UNKNOWN
Crate Trained? NO
House Trained? YES
Leash Trained? YES
Medical Info? Healthy but has Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) requiring special diet

Skippy’s Adoption Donation is $150 or $100 for an adopter over age 55 through the Senior Companions Program.


Adopt Me!

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