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  • Added in April 13, 2018
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Baxter – 0416

This is my story:

Baxter is a 4-year-old, 10-pound, Chihuahua mix who was taken from a hoarder. He had no social skills and had not been handled. Since he was “feral-like”, he worked through the process of getting used to “normal” life in a home. This included helping him with anxiety of being in a “new” world and he is currently taking anti-anxiety medication to help him adjust. Baxter has already come a long way. It takes time and work to win Baxter’s trust, but once you do he is devoted. He enjoys his “special person” very much. He wants nothing more than to be with his person, snuggled up in bed or on the couch, receiving love. Baxter needs a very patient and caring person to be his hero—someone with a gentle and kind approach who understands that it may take time to get Baxter to trust them. We know he is capable of love and happiness since we see it now in his foster home! Baxter needs a home where only positive encouragement/reinforcement is used and he needs a dog savvy human who is willing to give him the time he needs to adjust. A house where someone is home most days would be the ideal for Baxter since he has shown some separation anxiety. He absolutely loves the company of other dogs, but children frighten him. A quiet adult home with a fenced yard that can supply him with stuffed toys, a nightly dental chew, and his soft dog bed, would make him very happy. If you are interested in adopting Baxter, please click the Adopt Me! button below and submit an application today!!

**Nuts for Mutts only adopts to the greater Rochester, NY area.**

Stats & Info

Gender MALE
Breed Chihuahua
Good with Cats? UNKNOWN
Good with Dogs? YES
Good with Children? NO
Crate Trained? YES
House Trained? YES
Leash Trained? YES
Medical Info? Anxiety meds

Baxter’s Adoption Donation is $275


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