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Sites and Causes We Support Around The Web

There are thousands of amazing websites, stores, organizations and people on the internet.  So many that it would be impossible for us to list everything we love around the web! Below you will find links to just some of the sites that we feel are truly dedicated to the fight to save animals, and those who only provide the be

st resources and products available for our companion animals!

Bugsy’s Animal Network
Tons of Rochester, NY Animal Related Resources!  Check it out!

The Animal Rescue Site
Charity driven organization dedicated to providing funds and food for all animals all over.

Spring Farm Cares
Local animal sanctuary and adoption location

Boomerang Pet Tags
Leading online provider in quality and affordable pet ID tags

Fighting against animal cruelty since 1866!

City of Rochester Animal Services (RAS)
Rochester local Government organization aimed at improving the quality of life and safety for our community and pets

Dogs Deserve Better
Online resource for providing tips and techniques about the proper ways to care for your pet

Lollypop Farm
Lollypop Farm, the Humane Society of Greater Rochester, has been helping animals and people since 1873


Libby9Obedience and Behavior Training: At Home and Professional

Like all living creatures, a dog must learn what is acceptable conduct both at home and out in the community.  As their guardian, it is up to you to provide the tools they need to succeed!  This not only helps ensure a stress-free environment at home and socially, but it also gives your dog a sense of purpose, belonging in their new ‘pack’ and can go a long way to improving their overall quality of life.  We understand that not everyone has the budget or resources to hire a professional, so we offer the links below to help you in training your dog at home or to find a well qualified professional in our community.

Animal Behavior Specialists, Inc.
Dog and Cat Behavior, Dog Obedience Training – Rochester, NY

Tuxedo’s K9 Training Camp
“Training you to Train your dog.”

Dog Behavior Online
Online resource for at home obedience and behavior training

Perfect Paws
At home puppy and adult dog education resource

Pet Sitting
Online database search for pet trainers, groomers and walkers/sitters

Dog Obedience Training
Online educational resource for at home training

Tails of Success
Giving you the tools to make your dog the best member of the family they can be

How to Pet Proof Your Home
Here’s a great resource page for pet proofing your home or yard for your pets’ safety.  Thanks for the find, Addison!


pile-of-chisPuppy Mills: Their Cruelty and Our Fight Against It

Puppy Mills, if you do not know the term yet, define a commercial group of breeders who confine hundreds of dogs in cages for the sole purpose of breeding them for profit until they are no longer useful.  These dogs may never have a name or any loving human contact, medical care or know what it is to play outdoors or with toys.  Most often these dogs are housed in shockingly deplorable conditions until their fertility wanes, and then they are often killed, abandoned or sold cheaply to another mill to try and get “one more litter” out of them. The annual result of all this breeding is millions of puppies, many with behavior and/or health problems.  It is estimated that at least 90% of all major pet retail chains that sell dogs, purchase them from Puppy Mills.

To learn more or join the fight follow one of these few great links:
How to fight Puppy Mills

Prisoners of Greed
Puppy Mills Breed Misery

The Humane Society
Puppy Mills

Puppy Mill Rescue
Organization dedicated to locating, fostering and vetting victims of puppy mills


Breed Specific Legislation and how to fight it

Breed-specific legislation (BSL) is the blanket term for laws that regulate or ban certain breeds of dogs completely in the hopes of reducing dog attacks.  Some city/municipal governments have enacted breed-specific laws, however, the problem will not be remedied by these breed-discriminatory laws.  The problem of dangerous dogs DOES require serious attention, but what is needed is stricter laws that hold dog owners accountable for the actions of their animals and increased education and spay/neuter resources.

To learn more or join the fight follow one of these few great links:

Punish the Deed, Not the Breed

Facebook Community
End Breed Specific Legislation
Information on Breed Specific Legislation
How to Fight BSL